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After School Program at Schenectady Schools

The Schenectady Advantage Program is a student enrichment program by the Schoharie River Center, focused on experiential projects in the arts and sciences. Students will learn about ecology and the natural world around them. They will learn design and how things are made, and work with local artists and filmmakers to produce their own films and artwork.

• Community Science, Ecology, Geology, and more
• Visual Art & Design
• Media Arts, Filmmaking, Documentaries
• Open to all Schenectady Middle and High School Students*

Current Schedule:

Schenectady High School


Mondays: Media Arts/Filmmaking

Wednesdays: Ecology/Environmental Science

Thursdays: Art/Design

Central Park Middle School


Mondays: Art/Design

Wednesdays: Media Arts/Filmmaking

Thursdays: Ecology/Environmental Science

*Currently in Central Park Middle School, and Schenectady High School.

Registration for the 21st Century Afterschool Program Required
For more information and registration forms visit:

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