Our mission is to instill a love for learning, arts and science, promote the values of stewardship for our local environment, and encourage the positive and responsible involvement of all individuals in their communities

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is comprised of local individuals, bringing together a unique blend of skills and talents that have helped to make this organization as successful and unique as it is. Our board also includes two youth from our EST program who serve one year terms, giving them an opportunity to help shape the program offerings and at the same time, gain experience in the organizational aspect of a not-for-profit organization.


Board Members

President: David Barnes

Vice President: Dr. Kathleen O'Brien, Ph.D.

Treasurer: Steve Schrade

Secretary: Victoria Powers



Guy Thompson

Kay Bonney-Smith

George McDonnell

Dr. Amy Gildemeister Ph.D.

William Kolbe

Nicole Hemsley

Douglas  Fortman

Lily Celentano

Ethan Diaz

Paul Munson



John McKeeby Executive Director

Jenny Sumner, Program Coordinator AASP

Eric Ayotte,  Digital Media Educator

Terry McCoy -  Team Leader AASP

Acadia Pezzolesi - Team Leader AASP