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Building Project

The Schoharie River Center Cultural Hall was built in 1857 and housed the Burtonville Methodist Episcopal Church until 1999, when it was closed as a church and purchased by the Schoharie River Center for sum of $100.  A classic Federal Style Timber Frame Construction of the time, it was built by local carpenter (Boss Jones), and employs the use of King Post Trusses to create a large open space without the need for vertical posts to displace the weight of the roof.

The Schoharie River Center, Inc. was founded as a non-profit organization for the purpose of historical preservation and utilization of the church building as a center for community life in the area. Since then the building has served as the headquarters of the SRC, an educational and scientific facility for the Environmental Study Team, and as a cultural hall for the organization, hosting everything from silent movies to concerts, square dances, conferences and workshops.

While the building is a gem with great acoustics and many of its original features remaining, including the original kerosene chandelier, it is in need of updating to allow for modern uses.  Heating upgrades, restroom facilities and handicapped access are all seen as a priority if the building is to become a usable venue for public use by the community.  In 2017 the SRC hired Architect Keith Cramer to complete a building condition survey as a first step for developing a plan to renovate the building.


In 2018 the SRC was successful in obtaining a grant from NYS for $50,000 to partially fund the needed renovations.  The renovation plan includes a 16 ft. X 28ft. addition to the building which will house an ADA compliant restroom with a composting toilet facility, a green room, a storage closet, two additional exits (one ADA with ramp), new heating and electrical system as well as structural repairs of the King Post Trusses.


The grant we received from New York State covers about 40% of the total costs of the project, leaving the SRC with the challenge of covering the remaining 60% of the costs - about $70,000 in funds, donations of materials and services.  Our budget thus far for


Electrical Work (materials and labor)   


Heating System





Composting Toilet

Dry Wall

Roofing (materials and labor)

Lift Rental (to install roofing and repair trusses) 



















In order to complete the renovation plan for the Cultural Hall, the SRC will need to raise additional funding and other assistance from our members and supporters in the community.  We have initiated a building fund campaign to raise the needed resources and are asking all members of the community for help and to get involved.  We will gladly accept donations of materials, time and money to purchase the needed materials.  Major donations will be considered with naming opportunities within the Hall and Grounds.

All donations are also tax deductible.


For more information or to find out how you can help please contact the SRC at 2025 Burtonville Rd. Esperance, NY , 12066

You can help us complete this mission with donations of materials, funds and time.  


If you would like to help us do the work or donate materials, please contact us at If you  can donate funds for this project, please click the Donate button at the top of the page.  Whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated!  


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