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The Schoahrie River Center Presents:

Spring Photo Challenge

Submit a photo that best represents the theme:

"Nature's Renewal"

The Schoharie River Center is excited to announce our Spring Photo Challenge, with the theme "Nature's Renewal". All are welcome to participate and submit a photo they believe best fits the theme. All photos submitted will be considered, and selected photos will be featured on our website, Facebook, and our Instagram page.

Submit photo along with photographer's name, and city/town they are from, and date/location of photo to:

Due: June 10th


-Each photographer can submit 1 to 5 photos

-Highest quality you have access to will represent your photo best

-Open to professionals, amateurs, and first time photographers

-Students welcome

-Phone photography welcome

-If selected, photographers will be asked to write a short description about the photo, as well as a short bio of the photographer

Please reach out with any questions you may have.

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