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Blacksmithing Program

In 2019, the SRC built a blacksmith shop as a Timber Frame Building Arts workshop.  We’re now using it to help promote the art and craft of traditional and modern blacksmithing by providing opportunities for the public to view the work of and to work with area blacksmith artisans.  


SRC Blacksmith Shop Members will have the opportunity to learn blacksmithing from other blacksmiths as well as access to the shop to work on their own projects as their skills progress.

With blacksmithing, the individual is learning both art and a technology while integrating a whole range of physical movements, body coordination skills and situational problem solving.  It’s also great fun and a way to develop mastery skills that are transferable to other life activities, jobs and career interests.


For more information about how to become a Blacksmith Shop Member contact John McKeeby at 875-6889 or via email at

Upcoming Workshops:
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