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Program Coordinator
Advantage After School Program

Location: Middleburgh School District, Middleburgh NY

Position Description:

This full time position (40 hour/week), is based in Middleburgh School and works to oversee and coordinate the day-to-day operations of the Experiential After School Program (an Advantage After School Program Model). The PC/PD works directly with the three team leaders (lead teachers) for the elementary, middle school and high school after school programs to ensure that the required student : staff rations are maintained, daily attendance is recorded, special programs and learning activities are scheduled and coordinated with other programming, and conducted as scheduled. The PC/PD works with the SRC ED and the school district administration to coordinate and integrate the AASP with the ongoing daily school operations and obtain AASP programmatic goals, engage, recruit and enroll youth/families into the AASP program and provide communication and referral information to school, county and community providers as needed.

Specific duties include:

• Ensure accurate records of daily attendance in the AASP are maintained by each program site.
• Ensure that records are maintained on all enrolled youth, and that all required parental releases and approvals for the youth to participate in the program are maintained
• Ensure that the program provides all students a safe, enjoyable, interesting and intellectually rewarding experience.
• Foster and maintain open communication between AASP staff, school faculty and administration, parents and students.

Minimum qualifications for the Youth Development Worker:

  • An Associate's degree in Child Development, Elementary Education, Physical Education, Recreation or a related field and; two years of direct experience working with children less that 13 years of age, including one year in asupervisory capacity in a child care program or rleated work. Or

  • A New York State Children's Program Administrators credential and two years of direct experience working with children less than 13 years of age, including one year in a supervisory capacity in a shild care program or related work.

  • Candidates with a 4 year college degree or higher, with experience in teaching, guidance, counseling, program administration, or social work are preferred.

All employees must agree to be fingerprinted, complete a criminal background check and Clearance through the NYS Central Registry and participate in required training.

For more information or to apply for consideration please send a resume and cover letter to:

John McKeeby, Executive Director, Schoharie River Center, Inc. 2025 Burtonville Road Esperance NY, 12066. Phone 518- 875-6230, or email:

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