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Funding approved for Central Park Environmental Education Center Renovations

In a public announcement, Assemblyman Santabarbara delivered a check for $500,000 to Mayor McCarthy for Schenectady to begin to renovate the derelict "casino" building in Schenectady's Central Park. Mayor McCarthy also put forward $250,000 to the coming City Budget, which is yet to be approved.

The project has already received funding from The Schenectady Foundation to cover the architecture work. Exterior renders complete, interior renders to come.

This is a huge step for this project. Having the funding very nearly secured, the partners can now begin to discuss programming and what the building will look like, and how it will run.

Current Partners:

Schoharie River Center

ECOS: The Environmental Clearinghouse

Community Fathers Inc.

Upper Union Neighborhood Association

Kitchen Love

Electric City Bike Rescue

The goal is a synergistic relationship and programming between like-minded, environmentally focused organizations in a net-zero building in Schenectady's Central Park.

More info to come...

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