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Environmental Educator

Up to 40 hours / week.

The Environmental Educator will work under the direction of the Executive Director to plan, develop and implement SRC programming that integrates a wide range of scinece, the arts and place making programming into the ongoing activities of the Schoharie River Center and our Environmental Study Team youth development programs.   

The Environmental Educator will continue to promote and develop STEAM education as a youth development activity at the SRC.

The Environmental Educator will work to connect youth, including those living in poverty, with experiential learning activities which lead to increased skills and knowledge in the arts.  Activities include Community Arts and Environmental Education, community cultural documentation, and arts and cultural programing with organizations and partners of the Schoharie River Center.

The Environmental Educator is an outdoor based field biology/watershed ecology education position.

Salary will be based on prior relevant experience.

For more information about the position please contact the Schoharie River Center at:

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