Our mission is to instill a love for learning, arts and science, promote the values of stewardship for our local environment, and encourage the positive and responsible involvement of all individuals in their communities

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Environmental Study Team (EST) is an organization of students with a mission to improve the local environment, enjoy the outdoors, and instill a sense of environmental awareness in the community.

EST is Free and meetings are held every other Sunday from 12-4pm

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The Middleburgh Advantage After School Program provides students and their families with high quality after school programs and services. Designed to ensure all children are safe and participating in a variety of age appropriate activities that challenge them intellectually, the program will promote mastery skills focused on literacy, science, problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, creative expression, communication, and healthy physical and socio-emotional development.

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We are very excited to be able to offer such great programming this year in the arts and humanities:

-Built To Last, Timber Framing lecture & workshop series.

-Fiber Arts Workshop series

-The first annual Mayfly Film Festival

-Blacksmithing workshops

-and more...

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