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Upcoming Events

Welcome to the Schoharie River Center!

What are you doing this summer?

We have some unique activities lined up that are sure to pique your interest.  We are busy putting together another series of week-long summer ecology programs for students.  For adults, there will be a foraging walk as well as woodlot management and a chainsaw safety program.  Then we’ll cap off the summer with Schoharie River Day on 8/22.  

If you want to help us with some of the work on the building and property, please contact us.  We have to build a deck, paint/stain the building, remodel our back porch, install some exterior lighting and a variety of outdoor landscaping projects. On May 9th we have a work day and can use some extra hands.  If interested, please contact us for more information.

We can also use help preparing for, and on the day of Schoharie River Day.  Volunteer for River Day!   If you have ever been to any of our events or your children have participated in EST, you know that the Schoharie River Center offers a very unique program for youth and adults. Get involved and give back to your community - you will be glad you did!  

More details for all of these upcoming events will be posted on our website and our Facebook page in the next month.  So, stay tuned.  We have a lot to offer this summer, and we hope you’ll join us!

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2014 Summer Programs

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Schoharie River Center Inc

Tree Identification & Woodlot Management for Homeowners  

Learn about trees, how they grow, the parts of a tree, how to identify them, also, what to know before, during, and after you decide you want a piece of property to manage.  More….

Safe Chainsaw Use for Beginners  This class is for men and women who want to learn how to safely use a chainsaw. From firewood, to felling, to storm damage, this is for people who have never used a chainsaw and for the casual user. More….

Wild Harvest: Sharing Mother Nature's Bounty - Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk  Explore the wild plants surrounding the Schoharie River Center with herbalist Dina Falconi and learn to identify them using basic sensory skills and discover how they are used for food, medicine and pleasure. More….